Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is made up of promising students from around the state of Colorado who show passion and interest in civic responsibility.


  • Emma Logan, President
  • Elizabeth Valdez, Secretary
  • Tyler Garris, Financial Officer


  • Fareed Ahamad
  • Greta Cahill
  • Iris Courtney
  • Emma Davis
  • Myria Garcia
  • Katie Gillman
  • Mohamed Ibrahim
  • Timi Kola-Abiola
  • Bryce Li
  • Izzy McCarty
  • Valeria Miramontes-Alonzo
  • Ariana Morales
  • Sam Pausback
  • Brin Riley
  • Yael Sanchez
  • Prash Satish
  • Ayush Shekhar
  • Sartaj Singh
  • Drew Smith
  • Sheila Ta
  • Sophia Truex
  • Ewan Wummel


Letter from the COSLI Student Board President

During my time as both a COSLI student in 2017 and as a COSLI Student Advisory Board member, I have been able to experience the true privilege it is to be a part of this wonderful program. While spending a month on the CU campus each summer, students are given an unbeatable academic opportunity to connect with professionals throughout the state, and to learn on a university level. COSLI also provides an environment for students from all different sorts of backgrounds to learn from each other, and to truly get a sense of Colorado’s incredible community. COSLI genuinely is a leader in programs for young students around higher education and civic responsibility on a state, national, and international level.

On the student board, we are able to bring together individuals elected by their peers together to develop ideas and support around how to preserve COSLI for future generations, as well as make an impact in the work being done now. We strive towards ensuring that COSLI continues to happen and to provide lessons around rigorous academic expectations, civic responsibility, entrepreneurship, and community for students throughout our wonderful state of Colorado.

COSLI sincerely holds a special place in the hearts of those able to experience it, including myself.

Thank you,

Emma Logan

What They Have to Say

"I am thrilled to let you know that I am finalist for the QuestBridge National College Match! If it hadn't been for COSLI, I might not have had the courage to apply for QuestBridge in the first place. Additionally, I have been accepted to CU Denver!! COSLI truly solidified my desire to become part of the Lynx community. COSLI also inspired me to become part of the Mental Health Youth Action Board at Children's Hospital Colorado!! I am really excited to see what the future has in store for me and to continue helping out my community. COSLI truly had a positive impact in my life."

-Edith Huizar

(COSLI Class of 2017)

"The most significant experience of my high school education was attending Colorado Student Leaders Institute."

 VIEW Jessica's Testimonial.

-Jessica Kern

(COSLI class of 2016)

"The Institute is an amazing program that I am incredibly grateful to be a part of. I've been given an extraordinary opportunity to work with others who share the same tremendous passion towards education, and want to strive to achieve their goals. There's such an amazing atmosphere full of love and encouragement created by COSLI. It's truly an honor to be given this one in a life time opportunity to be apart of this life changing program."

-Ge'Swan Swanson

(COSLI Advisory Board, COSLI class of 2016)

"Trying to remember facts from a textbook is fine, but if you would rather learn by memorable experience, become a part of COSLI. Here you'll not only learn about subjects that interest you, but also about people, friendship, and what college is all about."

-Sara Taketatsu

(COSLI Advisory Board, COSLI class of 2015)