Student Advisory Board

The Student Advisory Board is made up of promising students from around the state of Colorado who show passion and interest in civic responsibility.

  • Emma Logan, President
  • Keshav Nambiar, Vice President
  • Tyler Garris, Financial Officer
  • Elizabeth Valdez, Secretary
  • Alma Wolf
  • Spencer Threlkeld
  • Sam Goertzen
  • Vivian Bear
  • Greta Cahill
  • Drew Smith
  • Yael Sanchez
  • Sheila Ta
  • Ewan Wummel
  • Myra Garcia
  • Prash Satish
  • Sasha Bailey
  • Katie Gillman
  • Lindsay Anderson
  • Sophia Truex
  • Jacee Lawrence
  • Izzy McCarty
  • Simone Chitwood

What They Have to Say

"The most significant experience of my high school education was attending Colorado Student Leaders Institute."

 VIEW Jessica's Testimonial.

-Jessica Kern

(COSLI class of 2016)

"Trying to remember facts from a textbook is fine, but if you would rather learn by memorable experience, become a part of COSLI. Here you'll not only learn about subjects that interest you, but also about people, friendship, and what college is all about."

-Sara Taketatsu

(COSLI Advisory Board, COSLI class of 2015)

"The Institute is an amazing program that I am incredibly grateful to be a part of. I've been given an extraordinary opportunity to work with others who share the same tremendous passion towards education, and want to strive to achieve their goals. There's such an amazing atmosphere full of love and encouragement created by COSLI. It's truly an honor to be given this one in a life time opportunity to be apart of this life changing program."

-Ge'Swan Swanson

(COSLI Advisory Board, COSLI class of 2016)