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Colorado Student Leaders Institute made their way through the Colorado legislature during the 2015 session. SB 290 put a governor's school into statute for our state.

Colorado Student Leaders Institute (COSLI) has a lot to be grateful for! Acknowledging that we have just completed what could be called the most productive first few years of any non-profit in Colorado, we would like to express specific gratitude to The Daniels Fund; The Kiely Family Foundation; The Denver Foundation; Public Education and Business Coalition (PEBC); CU Denver; Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA); The Denver Museum of Nature and Science; History Colorado; State Representative Jim Wilson; State Senator Nancy Todd; State Senator Chris Holbert; Chrissy Faraci, and Gully Stanford - plus so many others.


Mission Statement:

Colorado Student Leaders Institute, an affiliate of the National Conference of Governor's Schools, is an academic summer residential program for high school students who are working to become quality leaders and who promote and inspire a strong United States of America. COSLI seeks to reinforce the importance of civic engagement, entrepreneurship, responsibility, accountability, ethics and integrity in the rising generation of American leaders.


In the last few years, starting from ground zero, COSLI HAS:

  • Built governance that could only be dreamed (see governance page);
  • Brought student leaders together twice and have created the foundation, along with Colorado legislators, business and community leaders for Colorado's unique program;
  • Facilitated students creating this website, COSLI on Facebook, Mail Chimp and Go Fund Me campaigns;
  • Become a CHSAA endorsed activity;
  • Made it through the Colorado Legislative Session in a bi-partisan campaign led by Representative Jim Wilson and Senator Nancy Todd;
  • Celebrated their first summer session.



Get Involved

In Colorado, COSLI represents a blue ribbon private public partnership. The Daniels Fund, based in Denver, generously supported the initial summer program with a significant grant to allow the release of state funds necessary to fund this summer's program. This marks an important milestone in the history of Colorado's education. Thank you to the legacy of Bill Daniels - The Daniel's Fund.

For the summer of 2017 we are working to match a final grant of $10,000, won't you help?



Will YOU become a COSLI Founding Champion by donating $1 for every person in your household? Your donation is far more than a generous, fully tax-deductible donation to Colorado Student Leaders Institute - it is an investment in Colorado's future leaders. The math is simple - if every Coloradan not living below the poverty line contributes $1*, Colorado Student Leaders Institute will be funded in partnership with minimal financial support from the state legislature for the next ten years. Citizen support will also provide a strong message to our state decision-makers, a vote, that Colorado is committed to creating programs supporting excellence in entrepreneurship, free enterprise, American values and leadership training for our high school students. Every Coloradan is needed to make this happen for Colorado kids, just as it is happening in 57 programs around the country. Let's bring Colorado to this table of excellence, where it has been missing for far too long.

*Based on the 2013 count, the population of Colorado was 5.26 million. In that count, 12.9% of the population is living below the poverty line (680,000)




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